ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: attendance bonus

A GSU member working for Grain Millers had an issue with their attendance bonus. The issues was taken to the their manager and was still not resolved.  

Staff representative Steve Torgerson assisted the member in filing a grievance that formalizes the process to allow for discussions to try to resolve the issue. Once the grievance was filed the Company looked into the situation and within a few days had agreed to pay the attendance bonus to the employee. 

The right to file a workplace grievance and be assisted by a union representative without fear of reprisal or retribution is a fundamental principle of union representation. Filing a grievance will bring your issue to the forefront and will cause the Company to consider the facts of the case. Not every grievance is successful, but every grievance delivers value.

If you want to learn more about your rights and the grievance process contact a GSU elected officer or Staff Rep.

No problem is too small, and identifying problems when they are small benefits everyone.

GSU staff reps will help find answers to your questions, but we won’t act on your behalf without your direction and approval. These services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.

Contact information for GSU staff is available here.