GSU members are getting together March 22-24 to review union finances, operations, and to chart the course for the union for the next two years 

Attending the convention doesn’t mean you have to become the GSU president or a Defense Fund director, but it does mean you can vote for the people you think would do a great job. 

You won’t be coming up to the front of the room to make a speech, but if you see an opportunity for improvement in the way we are doing things, you can let us know. 

You won’t have to lead the discussion, but if you have insight or experience on a topic that affects you and your co-workers, your comments would be valuable and welcomed. 

We need people just like you to attend convention and represent the hard-working people of GSU.

The policy convention is the co-ordinating and governing representative body of GSU and its decisions are made by majority vote.  Resolutions, policy statements, and reports adopted by the policy convention become the policy of GSU.

Wages and expenses of GSU members in attendance will be covered by GSU.

If you are interested in learning more or attending convention,  contact your GSU staff representative.