Lawrence Maier retires from GSU staff

On March 2, 2018 GSU we said farewell to Lawrence Maier who retired from service to the union one day after his 32nd anniversary as a GSU Staff Representative.

“Lawrence has dedicated the biggest chunk of his adult life to working for and serving the members of GSU. He served first as union delegate, then as GSU president and chair of GSU’s bargaining committee with Saskatchewan Wheat Pool,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “Lawrence has worked tirelessly and diligently for the members of GSU in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He has accepted all assignments without complaint and his work ethic is second to none,” Wagner said. “Lawrence possess keen intellect which is reflected in the superlative work he’s done for GSU.”

“On behalf of the members, elected officers and staff of GSU I wish Lawrence all the best for a healthy, long and happy retirement. He is more than a colleague; he is also a dear friend. He’s earned our gratitude and he will be missed,” said Wagner.