ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: Long-term disability insurance claim – mistake leaves GSU member’s first LTD benefit at $0

A Local 15 member’s long-term disability insurance claim (LTD) was accepted. However, the insurer mistakenly thought the member had other earnings in the first benefit pay period that were high enough to reduce his first LTD benefit to zero.

The prospect of zero pay caused the member considerable distress and he contacted the union. GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner immediately contacted the employer and provided the necessary background information about the LTD claim.

The mistake on the insurer’s part was corrected the same day and the member received his LTD payment soon after.

“Having to be on LTD benefits means someone is already undergoing additional stress, and uncertainty about benefit payments adds to the stress,” Wagner said. “GSU helps alleviate stress by assisting union members with employment-related issues – including sick leave claims, LTD insurance claims, WCB claims and EI benefit claims.”


Would you like assistance with a claim or a potential claim? 

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