ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: steps to create, foster, and enforce a safe workplace

A member was terminated following an investigation into complaints regarding their conduct at work. The member contacted GSU, consulted with staff rep Steve Torgerson, and filed a grievance.

When Steve researched and prepared for grievance hearings, he identified a reoccurring theme of a year-long failure by the employer to provide a safe workplace. In this case, the issue wasn’t the physical safety of workers in the workplace, but rather failure to create a safe environment for employees to confidently report issues to managers and trust they would be addressed.

The issue which ultimately resulted in the member’s termination seemed unavoidable in the existing workplace environment and resulted in job loss for the employee. It also brought to light that other employees didn’t feel safe at work or believe they had any recourse through their employer.

Ultimately, the grievance was resolved when the grievor accepted a sizable settlement from the company. The employee was pleased with the settlement, but it is perhaps just as important that the Company recognized their responsibility to ensure that all steps have been taken to create, foster, and enforce a safe workplace for all employees.

When there are problems in the workplace there are many factors to consider.

A GSU staff rep has access to information and can help gather all facts and identify whether your rights have been violated. Call us if you need advice or if there is a problem to be fixed.

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