ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED: We have a temporary resolution to the grievance over denial of sick leave benefits to members age 65 and older

In March GSU filed an executive grievance with Richardson Pioneer over the denial of sick leave benefits to employees age 65 or older.

“The grievance has been making its way through the process and seemed to be headed for arbitration after a meeting with Company management earlier this month,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “A last minute discussion with management resulted in a temporary and without prejudice resolution where union members aged 65 or older who require sick leave will be able to draw on the sick leave they had in the bank when they turned age 65.”

“The temporary resolution is intended to give both sides an opportunity to discuss and attempt to bargain a more permanent understanding when we head to the agreement renewal bargaining table in summer or early autumn,” Wagner said. “Without prejudice means that neither side is giving up their argument or weakening their legal position in the event the matter can’t be resolved and is sent to an arbitrator for determination.”

“The temporary resolution to this issue lasts until GSU and Richardson reach an agreement on the subject or December 31, 2021,” said Wagner. “Hopefully this helps affected members out of a bind. If they continue to experience problems I urge them to contact GSU.”

Further reports will be made when the parties begin agreement renewal bargaining later this year.