Are you being pressured to take time off?

Recently a number of members have contacted GSU to inquire about their rights with respect to banked overtime. Apparently, the individuals were being pressured by local management to take time off instead of being paid out or waiting for a time more to the member’s liking.

It is important for members to remember that using banked overtime as time off work with pay is subject to mutual agreement. In other words, the employer can’t force an employee to take banked time. Furthermore, ahead of all else it is the employee’s right to insist that they be paid for baked overtime.

“Some employers have urged employees to take banked overtime to cover all or part of a layoff due to shut down,” said GSU staff representative Steve Torgerson. “Before accepting this approach employees should check into their eligibility for supplemental employment benefits under their GSU agreement since by taking banked time to delay the impact of the layoff they might actually be subsidizing the employer’s costs.”

If a member happens to be laid off they can also request a payout of banked overtime without affecting their EI claim.

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GSU has a layoff organizer brochure available in hard copy or by email. Contact Steve Torgerson for your copy.