Are long hours and high pressure getting to you?

By GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner

It seems to be somewhat cyclical, but with the steady ramping up of grain shipments from terminal elevator locations GSU is receiving an increasing number of complaints about excessive demands being placed on employees.

The source of complaints is not every location and not every company has the same approach, but more and more GSU members are growing fed up with the pressure to produce more and more without any extra help or relief. Understaffing and poor planning are chronic problems and the impact hits workers the hardest.

While it might seem like somewhat of a broken record, we advise members to use the rights they have under their collective agreements to refuse to work excess hours. I understand the pressure from management and the desire not to leave co-workers dangling, but until people act collectively to say NO, the system won’t change.

GSU has bargained protections into collective agreements. We’ll back members who rely on their rights, but we need members to step forward.

Are you experiencing difficulties in the workplace?

Contact your GSU staff rep. Contacting GSU does not mean you are obligated to file a grievance, and we will not contact your employer or act on your behalf without consultation, direction and approval from you.

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