Are you okay? #WSPD2019

There are some pretty alarming statistics floating around today.

  • Globally, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds. And for each person who takes their own life, there are 25 other people who tried, but were unsuccessful.
  • High-income countries, including Canada, have the highest suicide rates.
  • Nearly three times as many men as women die by suicide in high-income countries.

Make today better for someone

  • Talk to someone you are worried about. 
  • Show your support for mental health by sharing a message of hope on your social media
  • Use the hashtags #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #WSPD2019, and #YouMakeTodayBetter to share the message you care.

Help is right here, whenever you need it:

Suicide Prevention Lines

(Canada) Crisis Services Canada – Suicide Prevention and Support – 24/7 Hours

Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit – Mon – Fri 4 pm – 8 am, Sat – Sun 24 hours

Regina Mobile Crisis Services – Suicide Line – 24/7 Hours

Saskatoon Mobile Crisis – 24/7 Hours