Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) collective agreement expires Dec. 31, notice to bargain served

GSU served notice to bargain Sept. 7 to Richardson International Limited on behalf of the members of the union’s Local 14.

When notice to bargain the amendment and renewal of a collective agreement is served under the Canada Labour Code, the employer and the union are required to meet and make a good faith effort to negotiate a renewed collective agreement. The collective agreement between GSU and Richardson currently covers 10 locations in Saskatchewan.

In this instance, the collective agreement expires on Dec. 31. However, even if the parties haven’t reached a new agreement by the expiry date, the existing collective agreement lives on until the parties agree on a replacement or they exhaust the bargaining dispute process under the Canada Labour Code and end up in a legal strike or lockout situation.

“GSU’s relationship with Richardson management is open, straightforward and respectful,” says GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “So far we’ve always been able to find the basis for bargaining a renewed collective agreement without too much difficulty and I anticipate this time around will proceed along the same lines.”

“We’ve just completed receiving bargaining surveys from Local 14 members and work is underway to distill the results for sharing with the Local’s union delegates. From there, a series of bargaining proposals will be put together and eventually presented to the employer,” Wagner said. “We will be working with the Local 14 delegates to take a solid set of bargaining proposals to the employer.”

“Not surprisingly, a substantial wage increase topped the list of priorities identified in the surveys returned by Local 14 members,” said Wagner. “We’ll do our best at the bargaining table to achieve the aspirations identified by union members. Ultimately the outcome is in their hands as any settlement or other action is subject to a vote by union members.”

Updates will be provided as agreement renewal collective bargaining proceeds.

Congratulations to Tim Kachmarski – winner of an iPad in our Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) bargaining survey draw

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our bargaining survey. The insight you have provided is important and appreciated.

August 4, 2021

Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) delegates to meet early Sept., prepare bargaining proposals, elect bargaining committee

Members of GSU Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) are being asked to complete a GSU bargaining survey to help focus efforts on negotiating a new collective agreement with their employer this autumn. Union delegates will meet in early September to review member priorities, prepare a bargaining platform, and elect a committee to meet with company management.

Surveys were distributed by union delegates and sent by email to individual Local 14 members on Aug. 3. If you are a Local 14 member and you didn’t receive a survey, contact us at gsu@gsu.ca.

Surveys returned to GSU’s Regina office by Aug. 31 will be entered in a draw to win an iPad.

Local 14 members who complete the contact information section on the survey will be automatically entered into the draw.

GSU Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer) members urged to complete bargaining survey

July 28, 2021

Today we began distributing a GSU bargaining survey to members of GSU Local 14 (Richardson Pioneer). The survey is intended to help focus efforts on negotiating a new collective agreement with the employer this coming autumn.

“Regardless of whether people have one or a number of issues they’d like to see addressed at the bargaining table, completing the Local 14 bargaining survey is the first step in the process of securing a new and improved collective agreement with Richardson,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “Perhaps a wage increase and inflation are top of mind issues for people as the Bank of Canada is predicting an annual increase of 3 percent in the consumer price index. Whatever the priorities might be, we’d like to know the top-of-mind issues when a series of bargaining proposals is assembled.”

“The ideas and priorities identified by union members form the basis of the material we take to the bargaining table, “ Wagner said. “Delegates from the locations will meet in early September to put together a bargaining platform and elect a committee to meet with Company management. The first thing we need is the input of union members.”

If you are a Local 14 member, watch your email for your copy of the survey. If you don’t receive your copy, contact us at gsu@gsu.ca.

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