GSU Local 19 (Prairie Co-op) members to vote on Memorandum of Settlement

GSU Local 19 bargaining committee members Devin Lipinski and Steve Torgerson reached a memorandum of settlement with Prairie Co-op Ltd. on March 13, and now it’s time for members to vote on whether to accept or reject the settlement. 

In order to maintain and respect recommended social and physical distancing as recommended by the government of Saskatchewan, the Local 19 bargaining committee has decided that ratification of the settlement will take place through a conference call and electronic vote on March 25. 

Local 19 members will be contacted using email or phone information on file at GSU. If you would like to update your information, please contact Steve at

“We all have to do our part to flatten the curve and keep each other safe, but we must also try to continue on with as much of our daily life as possible,” said Torgerson said. “Local 19 members are hard at work serving their communities and they are taking every precaution to keep themselves and their producers safe. We want to help keep them safe as they vote on the proposed settlement.”

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