GSU members vote to continue Defense Fund dues

A majority of 72.81 percent of members voting at GSU annual meetings have voted to approve a motion to continue the additional dues being paid into the GSU Defense Fund for another year. Votes on the additional dues were conducted in conjunction with annual union Local and Sub-local meetings held this fall.

Each employee working in a GSU bargaining unit pays additional dues of one percent of regular pay to a maximum of $10 per month into the GSU Defense Fund. The additional union dues are accumulated in the GSU Defense Fund where they are invested and held in reserve to pay strike/lockout pay, benefits continuation and strike/lockout administrative expenses in the event GSU members are engaged in a strike or lockout stemming from a collective bargaining dispute.

Strike or lockout pay from the GSU Defense Fund is currently set at 75 percent of a member’s regular pay provided they are active participants in strike or lockout actions sanctioned by GSU.

The Defense Fund currently has assets of $5.4 million (market value) and is administered by a board of directors elected by delegates to GSU biennial policy conventions. The current directors of the GSU Defenses Fund are:

  • Wilfred Harris (Local 1 Carnduff),
  • Doug Kampman (Local 8 Regina),
  • Sharlene Lark (Local 5 Saskatoon),
  • Lynn Shaw (Local 15 Craik), and
  • Bruce Thompson (Local 15 Fielding).

The membership vote conducted this fall marks the 25th consecutive year that a majority of GSU members attending annual union meetings have voted to approve the additional dues being paid into the Defense Fund.

If you have questions or concerns about the GSU Defense Fund, contact your staff representative.