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Defense Fund board of directors meets, approves transfer for legal expenses

The GSU Defense Fund Board of board of directors met via conference call on May 24, 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to receive an update on the value of the Fund’s assets and to consider a resolution adopted … Continue reading

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Convention delegates set union’s course for the next two years

GSU members, officers, staff, and guests gathered in Humboldt from March 22 to 24 for GSU’s biennial policy convention. Most notably, convention delegates: adopted the Joint Executive Council’s annual report and GSU’s audited 2017 financials statements, and authorized distribution of … Continue reading

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Changes and updates to the $4+ million Defense Fund will be discussed at convention

In addition to reviewing amendments and changes to GSU’s Defense Fund, GSU convention delegates will elect five of their peers to serve as the Defense Fund Board of Directors. (Learn more about the Defense Fund, the Board, and their responsibilities … Continue reading

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GSU’s Defense Fund directors approve recommendations to re-balance equity

GSU’s Defense Fund directors and GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner met with RBC investment advisors Keith Pavo and Derrick Ng to review Defense Fund investment returns for 2017. Pavo and Ng provided a portfolio review with a focus on fixed income returns … Continue reading

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Voters approve continuation of GSU Defense Fund dues

As they have for more than 20 years, GSU members attending 2017 annual meetings considered, debated and ultimately voted on whether to continue the additional union dues of $10 per member per month being paid into the GSU Defense Fund. Once … Continue reading

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GSU Defense Fund directors meet, receive fund update

The board of directors of GSU’s Defense Fund met by conference call Nov. 30. The meeting included an update on the value of the Fund, which is currently $4,153,000. The assets of the Fund consist of $3,798,000 invested with RBC … Continue reading

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GSU Defense Fund assets top $4 million

According to the second quarter portfolio report, the GSU Defense Fund had assets of $3.8 million invested with RBC Dominion Securities in addition to $317,000 in cash on deposit at Affinity Credit Union. Total assets currently stand at $4.117 million. … Continue reading

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