If you are a GSU member who is interested in becoming a director on our Defense Fund board, we want to hear from you.


Delegates to GSU’s 2023 biennial policy convention in March will elect five directors to the board of GSU’s Defense Fund.

The directors hold quarterly meetings (some years a few more meetings might be necessary). The aim is to hold at least one in-person meeting each year, with the remainder being held via conference call or Zoom.

All meetings of the directors are held on regular work days and paid union leave is arranged for the board members to attend and participate.

In-person meetings of the Board are held in Regina. Accordingly, travel, hotel and meal expenses are covered by GSU’s expense policy so the member is not out-of-pocket. Paid union leave is also provided to cover travel time.

GSU Defense Fund board members are elected to two-year terms of office. All of the directors must be GSU members and three of the five directors must be from Locals 1 (Viterra – Operations & Maintenance), Local 2 (Viterra Head Office), Local 14 (Richardson) or Local 15 (Nutrien). GSU Members who serve on GSU’s Joint Executive Council cannot simultaneously serve on the on the Defense Fund board.

Candidates for the board do not have to be delegates to the GSU convention.

If you are interested in becoming a GSU Defense Fund director, please provide us with a brief bio that includes where you work, your GSU Local (or your employer), how long you have been a GSU member, why you are interested in the position, and any other relevant information you would like to share about yourself.

Point form answers are fine and a selfie is also good to include if you are comfortable with sharing a picture. Please send your information to gsu@gsu.ca at your earliest convenience but no later than March 10.

If you have questions about the position, don’t hesitate to contact your GSU staff rep.