GSU’s scholarship committee preparing to meet, choose this year’s scholarship recipients

The June 1 deadline for receipt of scholarship applications has passed, and GSU staff are preparing the applications for submission to the scholarship committee.

In order to assist the scholarship committee in making their impartial decision, each eligible applicant’s essay is photocopied and all identifying items – such as names and location references – are removed. The essays are then assigned an identifying number and copies are forwarded to each GSU scholarship committee member.

Each committee member will have an opportunity to review applicant essays individually before meeting as a committee to discuss the essays and select scholarship recipients. When the scholarship recipients are chosen, the committee advises GSU staff of their decision and requests recipient names and contact information. Scholarship committee members personally notify recipients that they have been chosen and extend congratulations on behalf of the union and its members. It is anticipated that the committee will announce this year’s recipients in early July.

GSU’s 2016 scholarship committee comprises GSU president Jim Brown (Local 1), and GSU’s vice presidents Michelle Houlden (Local 5) and Brett North (Local 1).

Group of smart students in graduation gowns looking at camera

Group of smart students in graduation gowns looking at camera