Hey, Local 15 (Nutrien) members! What are your thoughts on observing Stats on different dates?

Nutrien Ag Solutions has advised they plan to adjust the observation dates of statutory holidays provided to you in your collective agreement – specifically those which land on a Saturday or Sunday. Some dates will be observed on the Monday following the holiday while others will be observed on the Friday before the holiday. Either way, Local 15 members will receive the same number of holidays as bargained in the collective agreement, even though the dates observed will be different.

GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner replied to Nutrien indicating the union would discuss the planned changes with Local 15 delegates and reply with any information, acceptance or rejection.

You can find the proposed changes here: 2023 Nutrien Holiday Schedule [PDF]

If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us at gsu@gsu.ca by Oct. 25.

Local 15 - Nutrien

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