BARGAINING: GSU Locals 1, 2 (Viterra) bargaining resumed Nov. 24 in Regina; next dates are Dec. 14 and 15

GSU bargaining committee members are Local 1 – Jim Brown (Balgonie), Wilfred Harris (Carnduff), Shannon Antonenko (Lloydminster), David Barrett (Gull Lake) and Travis Brewer (Saskatoon); Local 2 – Sheila Tran, Howard Wilson and Kaylee Kruger with assistance from GSU staff representatives Steve Torgerson and Mason Van Luven.

Two sides to reconvene Dec. 14 and 15 in Regina

Nov. 25, 2022

Your bargaining committees got together for breakfast before meeting with the company last week in Regina. (Clockwise around the group starting in the lower-left) Mason Van Luven, Howard Wilson, Wilfred Harris, Steve Torgerson, Sheila Tran, Jim Brown, David Barrett, Shannon Antonenko, Kaylee Kruger, Travis Brewer.

After spending Nov. 24 in talks with company representatives, it was determined that meeting the next day wouldn’t be useful. Both sides have agreed to reconvene on Dec. 14 and 15.

A detailed bargaining update was issued to GSU Local 1 and 2 members on Nov. 28. You can also read it here on our web page under the VITERRA BARGAINING page (above under the Bargaining menu tab) for additional information. Contact to be added to our email update list.

Bargaining resumes Nov. 24, 25 

Nov. 24. 2022

Your GSU Local 1 (Operations and Maintenance) and 2 (Viterra Head Office) bargaining committees are meeting their union counterparts on Nov. 24 and 25 for a second round of bargaining.

A bargaining update from the Nov. 16 and 17 session was emailed to members earlier this week and another update will be sent to Local 1 and 2 members next week following this round of negotiations. We’ve had reports that some of our emails don’t reach work email addresses. Please send an alternate email address to ensure you receive our bargaining updates.

The two sides are scheduled to meet again Dec. 14 and 15.

As bargaining proceeds, watch for email updates and check our VITERRA BARGAINING page (under the BARGAINING menu tab, above) for additional information.

Local 1 & 2 bargaining is officially underway

Nov. 16, 2022

Our Local 1 and 2 bargaining committees meet with their union counterparts today and tomorrow in Regina.

Two additional sets of dates have been set for bargaining:

  • November 24 & 25, 2022
  • December 14 & 15, 2022.

GSU bargaining committee spokesperson Steve Torgerson anticipates emailing a bargaining update to members shortly.

Nov. 14, 2022

COVID has certainly changed the face of meetings.

This screenshot from staff rep Mason Van Luven’s computer serves as the group photo of our Local 1 and Local 2 (Viterra) bargaining committee members during their Nov. 8 meeting. The meeting was convened to conduct a final review of the bargaining package and prepare for the upcoming Nov. 16 and 17 bargaining session with management representatives.

Three sets of dates have been set for bargaining:

November 16 & 17
November 24 & 25
December 14 & 15.

A bargaining update was emailed to Local 1 (Operations and Maintenance) and Local 2 (Viterra Head Office) members on Nov. 4. If you didn’t receive your update you can contact or to confirm your address and review the email update on GSU’s web page under the BARGAINING menu tab. As bargaining proceeds, Local 1 and 2 members will continue to receive email updates with additional information being posted on the web page.

Nov. 4, 2022 Update 

Three sets of dates have been set for bargaining: 

  • Nov. 16 & 17, 2022
  • Nov. 24 & 25, 2022
  • Dec. 14 & 15, 2022.

In final preparation for negotiations, your bargaining committees will be meeting on Nov. 8, 2022. Once each set of dates has passed we will send an update to all members.

To date, four bargaining updates have been sent to members. If you are not receiving your updates, please contact Steve or Mason to be placed on the list.


Tuesday Members’ Memo – Aug. 3, 2022

The Local 1 (Viterra Operations & Maintenance) and Local 2 (Viterra Head Office) bargaining surveys are now closed and the information is being compiled for review by the Locals’ board of delegates who are expected to meet in September. In the meantime, staff reps are scheduling member visitations, meetings and Zoom calls to ensure that members have had multiple opportunities to share their thoughts on what should be included in their upcoming bargaining proposal package.

A detailed update was sent to members on July 29. You can read or print it from the VITERRA BARGAINING tab here on our web page.

Congratulations to Local 1 member Marshall Morrison (North Battleford) and Local 2 member Greg Eutenier who were our winners of the FitBit Versa draws. Members who completed their Local’s bargaining survey had the opportunity to enter their respective Local’s draw.

Tuesday Members’ Memo – July 19, 2022

Your Viterra bargaining committees are currently conducting a bargaining survey.

The survey was emailed to Local 1 members on July 7 and Local 2 members on July 8.

Please help us ensure that every member has an opportunity to identify their bargaining priorities by sharing the following link(s) with your coworkers:

Complete and submit your survey by July 22 and your name will be entered in our draw for one of two FitBit Versas.

And if you haven’t already done so, please complete the bargaining contact form so you can follow the bargaining process and receive regular updates.

We’ve also created a VITERRA BARGAINING page on GSU’s main web page where we’ll be posting the information you need, so make sure you check the page regularly.

Delegates meet to prepare for renewal of collective agreements that expire Oct. 31

Tuesday Members’ Memo – June 28, 2022

Delegates from GSU Locals 1 (Viterra Operations and Maintenance) and 2 (Viterra Head Office) met in Regina on June 23 and 24 for union education and agreement renewal bargaining preparation.

The first session of the delegates meeting was a joint union education effort with delegates from Local 14 which centered on conflict resolution and effective communication. The next morning Local 1 and 2 delegates focused on the collective bargaining process and preparing for agreement renewal bargaining with Viterra for renewal of the collective agreements that expire on Oct. 31.

The June 24 sessions provided an initial sounding for the bargaining priorities of GSU members employed in Viterra country operations, maintenance and Regina head office. Delegates were very candid about the experiences and bargaining expectations of union members at their locations. Several broad themes emerged and chief among them are wage increases that reflect employees’ contributions to Viterra as well as addressing the rising cost of living. Pay equity for Facility Sales and Admin employees and actual performance pay for Regina head office employees were central to the discussion. Hours of work and car loading issues are also top priorities for country operations and maintenance employees.

Delegates elected David Barrett (Gull Lake) to be the new president of Local 1 while Colton Buck (Balgonie) was elected vice president. They will be joined by Travis Brewer (Saskatoon) and Chris Yeo (Belle Plaine) as Local 1’s representatives on GSU’s Joint Executive Council (JEC).

In being elected president of Local 1 David Barrett replaces Jim Brown who continues to be president of GSU overall and continues to serve on the bargaining committee. Colton Buck is the new VP of Local 1 while Travis Brewer returns as an incumbent and Chris Yeo joins as a new representative on the JEC.

“We’re continuing GSU’s transition to a new generation of leaders,” said GSU president Jim Brown. “Welcome to David, Colton, Travis and Chris.”

The delegates meeting also elected a bargaining committee comprising Jim Brown (Balgonie), Wilfred Harris (Carnduff), Shannon Antonenko (Lloydminster), David Barrett (Gull Lake) and Travis Brewer (Saskatoon). Local 2 delegates Sheila Tran, Howard Wilson and Kaylee Kruger were active participants in the dialogue. They serve as their Local’s bargaining committee and representatives on GSU’s Joint Executive Council.

The meeting adopted a bargaining survey that will go out to Local 1 and 2 members this summer and set the stage for assembling shortly after Labour Day to put the finishing touches or bargaining proposals to take to the table with Viterra later this summer and early autumn.

Local 1 and 2 (Viterra) members can expect to receive a bargaining survey, soon

June 23, 2022

The current Local 1 (Operations/Maintenance) and Local 2 (Head Office) collective agreements with Viterra are set to expire Oct. 31. That means GSU members in these locals can anticipate our requests for input to help prepare for the upcoming negotiating process that determines their pay, rights and working conditions.

The first item Local 1 and 2 members can expect to receive is a bargaining survey. Elected officers at our June 23/24 delegates meeting are finalizing the survey and we anticipate sending it to members soon.

“If you are a GSU member working for Viterra, this is the perfect time to contact us with your preferred email address,” said GSU staff rep Mason Van Luven. “That way we can be certain everyone has an opportunity to participate in the survey and share their thoughts.”

Local 01 - Viterra Ops & Maintenance, Local 02 - Viterra Head Office

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