Local 1 & 2 (Viterra) new collective agreements are signed and in effect

Clockwise, left to right: General Secretary and bargaining spokesperson Steve Torgerson; Jim Brown, Local 1; Dave Barrett, Local 1; Mason Van Luven, GSU staff; Kaylee Kruger, Local 2; and Howard Wilson, Local 2 signed the agreements on March 22.

On March 22, members of the Local 1 Board of Delegates and the Local 2 Executive Committee met at GSU’s Regina office to sign their respective collective agreements. The signed agreements were then delivered to Viterra for signature by company officials and the new agreements and all the entitlements they contain are fully effective.

You can view the agreements using the COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS tab above and clicking on Viterra.

We will be printing booklets for members. As soon as they are available we will work with our elected delegates to get copies into members’ hands.