Local 4 (Grain Millers) settlement breaks mould, sets new high-water mark


The agreement renewal settlement ratified by GSU Local 4 members in August represented a sharp break from a trend of settlements dominating collective bargaining and wage increases generally for the last decade.

On general wage increases alone, the Local 4 settlement with Grain Millers in Yorkton set a new high-water mark of 6 percent in the first year, 5 percent in the second year and 4 percent in the third year. The compound increase in pay is 15.75 percent over the life of the three-year collective agreement.

Added to the general wage increases are improvements to shift premiums, vacations, sick leave, a new safety eye wear allowance, dual ticket premiums and improvements to group health and insurance plans.

Altogether, the Local 4 settlement is testimony to the results possible through collective bargaining when union members are united and determined to stand their ground for better wages and employment conditions.

“From the get go, Local 4 members were determined to bargain hard toward their objectives,” said GSU staff representative and bargaining spokesperson Steve Torgerson. “Hats off to the members and the Local 4 bargaining committee for a job well done.”