Register and attend the GSU 2020 Biennial Policy Convention at Moose Jaw Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa

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The 2020 GSU Biennial Policy Convention is coming up on March 19-21, 2020, and we want you to join us for what is shaping up to be a fantastic convention.

The venue

Moose Jaw’s Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa in the heart of downtown Moose Jaw is the ideal setting for our 2020 GSU convention. Learn more about the venue here. 

The convention

Ask anyone who has been at a GSU convention and they will tell you the people are friendly, everyone is welcome, the opinion of every delegate matters.

The policy convention sets the tone of the union for the next two years, and we need you to join us, tell us about the goals and concerns of workers in your workplace, and let us know what changes you want made in how we represent you and your fellow union members.

We have already lined up a great guest speaker, entertainment, and an exciting agenda we’ll be telling you about soon. 

The entertainment

There is plenty for you and your fellow convention delegates to do outside the regular convention hours.

Casino Night
GSU will be hosting a night of games and entertainment with a private casino evening for convention delegates. 

World-renowned geothermal mineral spas.
Early-birds can enjoy a 7:00 a.m. early-morning soak in the indoor/outdoor naturally warm spa waters, and night owls can soothe away their aches and relax their minds in the pools until 11:00 p.m. Wednesday/Thursday, and midnight on Friday.

Tunnels of Moose Jaw
Travel back in time under the streets in Moose Jaw’s tunnels

Casino Moose Jaw
Feeling lucky? Head across the street to the casino. If you take the pedway you won’t even need your coat. 

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