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Union members and their unions throughout Canada have similar goals to GSU’s, so it is logical that unions work together to achieve these goals. 

Through these alliances we can have greater strength in areas such as labour law reform, improvements to occupational health and safety, education, and strike and picket line support.

The GSU is affiliated to the Canadian Area of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). 

If you are interested in learning more about the ILWU, you can sign-up for their e-newsletter by visiting their web page at www.ilwu.ca, scrolling down, and completing the SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER section – listing GSU as your Local.

What can you expect in the WaterFront e-news? Check out the headlines from their latest issue:

1)   Watch: World’s largest container ship maiden voyage.

2)   Swedish dockworkers dispute with APMT continues.

3)   Cabotage still an issue in Australia.

4)   Broke sailors adrift in UAE waters.

5)   Seafarer dead after tanker sinks.

6)   Manitoba unions fight wage freeze in court.

7)   2 Vietnamese sailors beheaded by kidnappers. 

8)   Modern Slavery “Alive and Kicking”.

9)   Container accident kills worker.

10) The Fight for $15.