WE’RE WORKING ON IT: GSU members are asking us for information on pension and retirement

The unseasonably cold weather seems to have everyone wishing they could stay home. That may explain why GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson has had a rush of pension and retirement inquiries cross his desk.

Torgerson can answer your questions, such as who needs to contacted when a member is considering retirement, what options are available to retiring members, and where to begin when everything seems so overwhelming. If you are considering retirement or simply planning for the future, don’t hesitate to contact Steve and ask for our retirement guidebook. It’s free, and it will lead you through the process and help you keep everything straight.

Need an answer? No question is too big or small. GSU staff reps are here to assist you, and their services are provided to you and paid for by your union dues. There is never an additional charge for assisting you.

Contact information for GSU staff is available here.