Local 5 (WPP) bargaining

On March 13, 2024, your GSU Local 5 (Western Producer) bargaining committee reached a tentative settlement with the employer’s bargaining committee, marking a significant milestone in the negotiation process.

A ratification vote meeting is scheduled for April 3, where members will be able to ask their questions, receive answers, and offer comments on the proposed offer.

Recognizing the geographical spread of our members, an electronic vote will follow the informational meeting, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all members.

Bargaining updates:


As a result of a scheduling conflict, the bargaining session set for Nov. 20 has been cancelled.

Nov. 14, 2023 Tuesday Members’ Memo

GSU and WPP are working to set new bargaining dates

Bargaining rescheduled to Nov. 20

Oct. 3, 2023 Tuesday Members’ Memo

As a result of scheduling issues, bargaining has been rescheduled to Nov. 20.


Bargaining to resume Nov. 15 & 16

Sept. 25, 2023 email to Local 5 members

We have new bargaining dates with the Employer.

Dates have been arranged for November 15 and 16 with both sides agreeing to get back to the bargaining issues. We look forward to fruitful dialogue between the parties and an opportunity to work collaboratively to negotiate a settlement for all involved.

We will be returning to the bargaining table

Tuesday Members’ Memo – Sept. 12, 2023

The company has agreed to return to the bargaining table. We are currently waiting to hear what dates are available to meet.

Mediation ends with vague *final offer* from company committee

July 28, 2023

To: GSU Local 5 Members

The Local 5 bargaining committee resumed mediation with the company on July 26 and 27. Through the mediator, both parties traded offers, and the company the union presented with a final offer late in the day on July 27 .

“We were never able to directly discuss the final offer or why the company presented a final offer and so we are left with a vague offer that we still have questions about,” said GSU general secretary and union bargaining committee spokesperson Steve Torgerson.

The union committee will be reaching out to the company to clarify a few items in their final offer and ask them to provide some real details and not just vague statements. Once we that information and clarification is received, GSU’s committee will report back to Local members. The speed of the process will depend on how quickly the company provides answers. 

Even without a full picture of what this final offer contains, we know the following: 

  • the company’s last offer on Wednesday, July 26 was worse than the March 13 offer they made.
  • the company thinks they can do whatever they want and try to silence your Local President.
  • they don’t honour their commitments because we were told during mediation that the company did not register the Supplemental Employment Benefit plan since the last round of negotiations, leaving employees with no SEB benefits.

GSU and Local 5 will keep working to get a fair deal in bargaining, we will fight to defend the union and its members from company intimidation and protect people unjustly terminated, and we will hold the company to account on SEB and demand they fix what they broke and do what they agreed to do when they signed the last collective agreement.

As soon as we have a clear final offer, members will be advised and a membership meeting will be scheduled.

Local 5 (Western Producer) bargaining impasse: mediation continues July 26 & 27

While mediation is ongoing with WPP management and their hired anti-union lawyer, GSU is unable to discuss the details due to confidentiality.

However, we can tell you that Local 5 GSU members met on June 15 to discuss ideas moving forward with bargaining.

Members are considering ways they are able to show their support and steadfast commitment to their fellow members and their local. Ideas include Local 5 t-shirt days, coffee mugs, billboards, and many other clear signs of workers working together. So far, mugs have been ordered and t-shirts are being coordinated.

“We are examining how GSU Local 1 and 2 members worked successfully together to fight back against company management,” said GSU staff rep and union bargaining committee co-spokesperson Donna Driediger. “We stand stronger when members work together to have their voices heard as a collective.”

Further mediation dates are set for July 26 and 27.

The bargaining committee comprises Michelle Houlden, Laurie Michalycia, Donna Driediger (bargaining co-spokesperson/GSU staff) and Steve Torgerson (bargaining co-spokesperson/GSU staff).


Local 5 (Western Producer) bargaining impasse: mediation begins June 6 & 7; continues July 26 & 27

Tuesday Members’ Memo – May 30, 2023

Mediation is scheduled for June 6 and 7, and again July 26 and 27. Mediator Kevin Eckert will assist the parties in an effort to reach a negotiated settlement.

The bargaining committee comprises Michelle Houlden, Laurie Michalycia, Donna Driediger (bargaining co-spokesperson/GSU staff) and Steve Torgerson (bargaining co-spokesperson/GSU staff).



Local 5 (Western Producer) members overwhelmingly reject employer offer

Tuesday Members’ Member – Feb. 21, 2023 

The ballots were counted on Feb. 16 and the overwhelming majority of Local 5 members who cast ballots (95.83%) voted to reject their employer’s offer to settle agreement renewal collective bargaining with the Western Producer.

Twenty-four of the 30 members of Local 5 voted, and 23 voted to reject the employer’s offer. Union members voted on the heels of an employer effort to sell the offer at a staff meeting held the same day as it was communicated to the Local 5 bargaining committee. GSU has advised that in the union’s view the employer’s actions constitute an unfair labour practice.

GSU has submitted notice of a collective bargaining impasse to Saskatchewan’s Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety pursuant to section 6-33 of Part VI of the Saskatchewan Employment Act. Such notice normally leads quickly to the conciliation/mediation process provided in the Act.

In this instance, however, GSU has received notice that the employer is challenging the applicability of the Saskatchewan Employment Act basis an allegation that the bargaining relationship with the Western Producer is the result of a voluntary recognition as opposed to a certification order issued by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB).

“GSU is contesting the employer’s position and will take legal steps to have the matter sorted out,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “The members of Local 5 have shown remarkable solidarity and determination in response and we will move forward together buoyed by their strong stance.”

Further updates will follow as developments occur.

Check your email for an important update

Feb. 17, 2023

An email update was sent to GSU Local 5 members at 3:45 PM on Feb. 17. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. 

Members to Meet Feb. 16

Feb. 14, 2023 – Tuesday Members’ Memo

Local 5 members will meet on Feb. 16 to discuss the current state of negotiations between the parties. They will receive a report on the most recent offer by management and be given an opportunity to provide feedback.

We do not have a tentative settlement at this time but there will be discussion surrounding voting and the ability to move the process to impasse where a mediator may be appointed to assist the parties in finding a common resolution.

We encourage all members to attend this important meeting to ensure their voice is heard.

We’ve reached out to the employer about resuming bargaining

Jan. 17, 2023 Tuesday Members’ Memo

GSU has reached out to the employer to resume bargaining. We will provide an update when it occurs.

GSU’s bargaining committee will soon lose a member as long-term Local 5 member Sharlene Lark is moving on to different pastures and will no longer be an employee of WPP. In addition to being a bargaining committee member, Sharlene has served on your Local 5 executive as president and vice president where she always had the best interest of GSU members at heart. Sharlene will be missed and we thank her for her dedication to the service of the membership and we wish her well in her new endeavours.

Local 5 membership meets to evaluate, assess agreement renewal bargaining

Jan. 10, 2023 Tuesday Members’ Memo

Local 5 members will meet Jan. 11, 2023 to evaluate and assess the current standings of negotiations. Your GSU bargaining committee is committed to the process and appreciates the input from the membership. 

Management and your committee last met on December 16, 2022 and no further dates have been set to resume bargaining.

Second round of negotiations held Nov. 18, 2022; next session set for Dec. 2

Nov. 18, 2022 email to Local 5 members

Your local 5 bargaining team met with company representatives on Nov. 18.

We have exchanged revised bargaining proposals but remain significantly apart on key issues. Because the bargaining is ongoing and we’re tentatively scheduled to meet again on Dec. 2, we’re not in a position to disclose details yet.

Please know we continue to push at the bargaining table for fair wages and good working conditions for our members. We have heard you speak and we ask for your continued support as we try to reach a settlement with your employer. We will update you when we have more concrete news to report.

Bargaining begins

The two sides met via video conference on Nov. 14. Your GSU Local 5 committee presented revised proposals to the employer who are considering same and will respond during the next bargaining session on Nov. 18.