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Local 5 – Western Producer – comprises members of GSU working in the bargaining unit of Western Producer (GVIC) employees and its successors.
One elected officer represents the Local on the Joint Executive Council of GSU.

Local 5 (Western Producer) members vote to accept tentative settlement

On Jan. 5, the members of GSU Local 5 (Western Producer Publications) voted to accept the terms of the memorandum of settlement that was reached shortly before Christmas. The settlement provides for salary increases of 1%, 1%, and 1.25% in … Continue reading

Local 05 - Western Producer

Local 5 (Western Producer) members to vote on tentative settlement

The GSU Local 5 and company bargaining committees have reached a tentative settlement.  Details of the settlement will not be released at this time pending a Jan. 5 membership ratification meeting. GSU Local 5 bargaining committee members are Sharlene Tetrault, … Continue reading

Local 05 - Western Producer