Congratulations to Brandon Allin – our winner of two tickets to the Riders v. Argonauts game on Sept. 17

The draw is complete and GSU Local 4 (Grain Millers) member Brandon Allin has two tickets to the game. Congratulations, Brandon!

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We hope the Riders will be fresh off a Banjo Bowl win when they return to take on the Toronto Argonauts on Sept. 17, and we have two tickets to give away to one lucky GSU member for the Friday night game.

If you are a GSU member, you can enter our draw by sending us your answer to the following question:

What is your favourite thing about autumn?

Email your answer to by noon on Sept. 10, and you will be entered in our draw for a GSU clear bag and two tickets to the Sept. 17 game.

Good luck!

Congratulations to GSU Local 2 (Viterra Head Office) member Greg Euteneier – winner of four tickets to the Labour Day Classic

Our latest contest gave GSU members a chance to win four adjoining seats for the Rider’s Sept. 5 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, with the contest winner getting two seats and nominating a fellow GSU member who would win the remaining two seats. Greg was agonizing over several co-workers in his contest entry, and now that he’s won he’s making a tough call on who we send the extra set of tickets to. Good luck, Greg. On the bright side, it’s great that you are surrounded by co-workers you think so highly of.

Thanks to everyone who played along. We’ve got tickets to the upcoming Sept. 17 game, so watch for another ticket contest and your chance to enter, soon.


Aug. 24, 2021

We’re giving away four tickets to the Riders v. Blue Bombers Labour Day Classic

We have in our hot little hands four adjoining seats for the Rider’s highly anticipated Sept. 5 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. We’re going to help keep your personal bubble as small as possible by asking you to choose who will be in the two seats beside you at the game.

If you could take a fellow GSU member to the Labour Day Classic, who would they be, and why would you choose to take them?

Get your entry to us at by noon on Aug. 27. We will draw one winner to receive two Labour Day tickets and we’ll send two tickets to the GSU member they have named.

Good luck!

Contest details are available here.

Congratulations to Rodney Kennedy and Lori Harris who each won two tickets to the Riders’ playoff game

Lori Harris (Nutrien – Maymont) and Rodney Kennedy (Richardson – Assiniboia) will be in the stands to watch the Riders take on the Bombers this Sunday. 

Congratulations to Rodney and Lori, and thanks to everyone who entered our contest.

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We’re giving away tickets to the Riders’ Sept. 15 home game against the Redblacks

Enter to win two tickets to the game by submitting your answer to the following:

Summer is a fond memory and the kids are back in school. When you were in school, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Send your answer to by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 10 and you will be entered in our draw. We’ll announce two winners of two tickets in our Sept. 11 Tuesday Members’ Memo.

Good luck!

Rider ticket winners … and some of our favourite contest entries

Alix Rejean (CPS Moose Jaw) and Leon Martineau (Richardson – Maple Creek) will be at Mosaic Stadium to cheer the Riders on when they face the BC Lions on August 13.

Last week’s web page contest asked for your favourite vacation spot in Saskatchewan.

  • Alix’s favourite summer destination is Cypress Hills where he enjoys zip lining and many other activities.
  • Leon entered our Tuesday Members’ Memo contest by telling us his first summer job was pumping gas – and he loved it.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who played along and entered last week’s web page and Tuesday Members’ Memo Rider ticket contests. There were so many interesting and entertaining entries that we shared a few of our favourites below.

Labour Day tickets are up for grabs next. 

Watch your email inbox this week for a GSU survey. Complete the survey by the deadline date and you could be one of two lucky winners of two tickets to the upcoming Labour Day Classic. 


Contest entries:

First summer jobs:

My first summer job was washing dishes at the local restaurant. The best thing about my job besides finally getting a pay check was all the free food I would get.

My first summer job was working for a farmer. There were two good things about this job. #1 – His tractor had a cab back in 1969. #2 – If I remember right I was making $4.00 per hour!

My first summer job was yard maintenance. My brother and I did it all, grass cutting (we would haul the clippings home and feed them to the horses), shovel the manure and sell it back to them for the gardens. Worked, sowed, weeded gardens and flower beds. Trimmed hedges and cut trees, raked leaves. The best part of the job was we didn’t have to learn anything as we did it all the time at home and we got to spend the summer together. Worst part of the job was having to work while your friends were out having fun in the sun!

My first summer job was working in a food booth at the Western Development Museum’s “Those were the days” in the summer. Worst thing about the job was the heat from the summer and the food being cooked in the booth.  Best thing was eating the funnel cakes!

My first summer job was at the family farm sweeping out grain bins. The best thing about this job was that I got to work with my family. The worst thing about this job was that I had to work with my family.

My first ‘summer’ job was at the Hudson’s Bay Mining & Smelting Company (HMB&S) in Flin Flon, as an Electrician’s helper. This was in June, 1969 after high school.  Pay was $2.34(?) / Hr.  Pretty good wages at that time. Made enough to pay for the following year tuition at University, and residence, as well.

First summer job was roofing. Worst thing about the job was the heat; best thing was when it was over.

My first summer job was working as a waitress. The best part about it was the friends I made while working there, the worst part about it was cheap tippers lol

My firs summer job was working at a drive in, cooked food and served ice cream. The best part about it was that I got one free ice cream every day that I worked, and the worst thing about it was having to get a ride into work cause I wasn’t quite old enough to drive!

First Summer Job? Vet clinic
Best thing? Working with animals and learning about their anatomy
Worst thing? Washing surgical equipment/ livestock pens

Favourite holiday destination:

The best place to vacation in Saskatchewan is a little lake somewhere south nowhere. Its got it all, great fishing, a nice beach, wild blueberries, you name it. Unfortunately, not even free rider tickets could convince me to tell you what its called or where to find it.