Federal government repeals controversial anti-union legislation

Canada’s unions are celebrating the June 14, 2017 adoption of Bill C-4, legislation that repeals the former federal government’s controversial anti-union Bills C-377 and C-525.

Bill C-377 would have seen unions, their suppliers, and other businesses they work with spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours producing and processing expense reports to be reviewed and filed – all at taxpayer expense.

Bill C-525 would have made it more difficult for workers in federally-regulated workplaces to join a union.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then promised that, if elected, he would repeal these bills and we are happy he has kept that promise,” said Canadian Labour Congress president Hassan Yussuff. “By passing Bill C-4, the federal government has demonstrated it understands the importance of fair labour relations, and the critical role unions play advancing rights for all Canadian workers.” 

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