Grievance action results in pay boosts for several GSU members working in Local 1 (Viterra)

Persistence has paid off for several GSU members working in Viterra country operations and maintenance. They will soon see pay boosts as a result of GSU grievance action on their behalf.

The grieving members questioned the fairness of their rates of pay following implementation of the 2021 wage increase provided in the collective agreement between GSU and Viterra. Grievance action was taken and arguments were made in support of the affected employees’ complaints. And, while Viterra did not concede the merit of the grievances, the employer did conduct a local labour market assessment resulting in mid-year adjustments to the employees’ rates of pay. As a result the grievances were resolved/withdrawn.

“Each individual grievance on pay rates or pay increases brings its own set of facts to bear and this is what we work with to secure a better result for the member or members involved, ” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “These particular grievances were resolved and a couple of others are headed to arbitration.”

“A fair wage and recognition for employees’ labour is one of the pillars of being represented by GSU,” said Wagner.

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