Too hot to work? Too cold to work? Here’s what you need to know about working in extreme conditions in Saskatchewan

GSU members can face many weather-related challenges, whether it’s working in a confined space in the heat of the summer months or diving into frigid water in the winter.

If you work anywhere other than a climate controlled office, check out your employer’s policy on working in extreme conditions. Your employer may also post relevant workplace policies on an employee information board.

Information links on extreme weather and Saskatchewan workers are linked below. Check it out, but be aware that your employer’s extreme temperature policy may go beyond this legislation.

Legal overview of what covers whom – temperature_legislation

General fact sheets and Information for all workers – temperature

Information on thermal stress Canada Labour Code (Federal) – thermal-stress-work-place.html

Hot Conditions – Worksafe SK – Hot Conditions Guidelines_2021_v3

Cold Conditions Worksafe SK – Working in Cold Conditions-Fact-Sheet_v4

As always, don’t hesitate to contact a GSU staff rep if you have questions or need assistance.