Renovations continue at the GSU Regina office building

The stucco work has come to a halt while we await the arrival and installation of new windows. Roughly 80 percent of the building has been covered in a scratch coat, with the final 20 percent awaiting window installation before the remaining scratch coat and stucco can be cleanly and precisely applied.

It’s been an interesting process, particularly when the aged wooden soffits were torn down. GSU staff watched dirt, straw, substantial dust bunnies, newspaper, and even a pair of old dress shoes fall past their windows.

Undertaking renovations during a global pandemic has proved interesting as manufacturers struggled to get supplies and keep their reduced workforces safe with COVID protocols, and that slowed down and sometimes stopped the flow of products. We remain hopeful that our window company is able to get our windows put together and shipped to us by mid-August so the stucco project can be completed by early autumn.

In the meantime, if you are missing your old dress shoes, let us know.