WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Be mindful when using a company vehicle

If you are driving a company vehicle, you can and should expect to be held accountable for your usage. And if the company needs to use it against you, they will.

GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson is assisting a member who is being questioned on their use of a company vehicle.

“When companies have GPS on a vehicle, it’s very thorough,” Torgerson cautioned. “It can record your path, speed, length, and the duration of any stop you make and more, so use the company vehicle only for company business and don’t be surprised if you are questioned on any detour you take.”

Long story short: If you don’t have the permission of your superior to go somewhere, don’t go.

If you have questions or concerns about driving a company vehicle or other employment concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you need some advice about how to approach management with a problem, don’t hesitate to call your GSU staff rep. No problem is too small and sometimes a brief comment, email, or meeting is all that’s needed to address a situation. Call us when you think there is a problem to be fixed.