WE’RE WORKING ON IT: Stable, reliable shift schedules. Bring your suggestions to your annual meeting

One thing that makes shift work bearable is having a set schedule worked out far in advance. Shift workers plan their lives around days off. Working nights and weekends puts a great strain on daily living, and especially family life. Having and following a clear, well-defined, consistent plan lets shift workers set appointments, reserve family time, and make the best of their difficult changes from days to nights and inconsistent days off.

Last minute changes to employees’ schedules leaves employees scrambling to reorganize their responsibilities for months. Day care, vacations, appointments – all the things workers on shift must coordinate far in advance have to be rescheduled, and that can be difficult or even impossible when you only have a few hours’ notice.  

“With GSU’s annual meetings coming up, and a number of collective agreements set to open, members should make a real effort to bargain notice provisions that respect their right to have a stable, reliable shift schedule,” says GSU staff representatives Lawrence Maier.

Do you have concerns about shift work? Bring them to your annual meeting or contact your GSU staff rep with your questions, observations, and concerns.

Contact information for our staff reps is available here